Rust mini-workshop

Notes from meeting Tuesday 18 February 2020 – Pauline

Lucy led a morning and afternoon session on Rust, starting the day with an introduction and samples from a workshop with Alice Fox.  We worked in small groups first wetting the fabric we had brought, soaking in white vinegar, then wrapping around rusted objects, and finally tying the bundles with cotton/linen thread, or string.  We left these to rust in litter trays.

After lunch, a quick run through diary dates and plans for future workshops, and a show and tell, Lucy introduced using rust powder.  Having sprinkled, spritzed, sprinkled and spritzed the powder onto fabric and paper we got rather excited as we watched the emerging colours and changing effects.   Now we wait to see how each of us incorporates bits of the fabric into our journal quilts???

Huge thanks to Lucy for thorough preparation for the day, lugging the equipment, books, samples to give us a wonderfully playful and satisfying workshop.  And warm appreciation to Jill for a lemon drizzle cake of which Mary Berry would have approved.  

Click on the image below to reveal a small gallery of photographs capturing the activity.