ZOOM virtual meeting

Because of the COVID 19 lock down it was decided that the group would meet virtually and on Thursday 7th May we held our first virtual meeting, which was hosted by Sarah Hibbert and chaired by Rachel Tyndall. 21 people attended and it proved to be fun and an effective way of seeing what everyone had been doing during lockdown. Below are some of the participants.

Zoom meeting 7th May 2020
Some of the participants in our first Zoom meeting: Sarah, Rachel, Rae, Viv, Annie, Linda, Nicola Sabi and Jill

Some members had been extremely busy during lockdown. Some showed collage ideas, works in progress and journal quilts, and some showed pieces nearing completion.

Below is a small gallery showing photos of some of the works that we talked about.

Our next virtual meeting will be on Thursday 4th June at 10.15am. Please see members area of the website for the joining details. https://cqlondon.org.uk/meeting-dates/

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